Sublime Text 3 Plugins

As Sublime Text 3 is still in Beta, a lot of plugins are not working.
I took some time this weekend to fix/update some packages. I  forked the original repositories and fixed the broken parts.

To get the plugins in your editor there are two options:

  • Package Manager
    Add the repositories below via the package manager, and then install the plugins.
    You might need to remove the plugins first if you already had them installed
  • Git
    Just clone the repositories in ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3/Package

These are the plugins I got working so far:

Using XDebug in Sublime Text 3

Running Unit Tests from within Sublime Text 3

A lot of enhancements for the sidebar of Sublime Text 3 (reveal in sidebar, open in Finder, open in browser, …)


I’ll definitely upgrade some other plugins, and improve these ones.

Note: the plugins are not backwards compatible, as Sublime Text 3 uses Python 3, and Sublime Text 2 used Python 2

2,490 Responses to “Sublime Text 3 Plugins”

  1. Kevin Langley says:

    Thanks for taking the initiative and pumping out new versions of these awesome packages. I was worried when I downloaded the beta and had almost no working packages from what I used before.

    Then I found this and your SublimeXDebug and PHP Unit packages were on there which led me here, but the SidebarEnhancements package isn’t listed there and I know a ton of people use that. Just FYI.

    • Hi Kevin, thanks for notifying me. I listed SideBarEnhancements on the working list, but some guy removed it, because it was already listed under “working with errors”.
      I re-added it with “working without errors”. We’ll see what happens ;-)
      Great to hear my work is appreciated.

  2. Definitely! I would have probably waited to use the Sublime Text 3 beta if it weren’t for these plugins having already been converted.

    Thanks again!

  3. jwebcat says:

    Hey any chance you could take a look at @wjonthomas plug duplicate lines and see why it won’t work in sublime text 3? Pretty please :)