Detecting Code Indentation

Interesting article on detecting code indentation by Heather Arthur:


Using Symfony 2 routes with AngularJS

About Symfony2 Routes Symfony has a great implementation of routing where you can assign names to routes. This way you can generate an URL by referencing this route via the name and giving some parameters (if needed) both in another method and in your views. An example: [gist id=6018279] This is a view where the […]


Pairing extra powerline adapters with Telenet AV 6400

As I wasn’t able to find much info about Telenets powerline adapters when I was looking to add some adapters to the existing network, I thought it could be useful to share this According to Telenet technicians, you should be able to add almost any brand of adapter to the existing network. Although they didn’t […]


Sublime Command-on-Save

I just finished my Sublime Text 3 plugin: Command on Save. It executes given commands when you save files. From rsyncing to an other machine, pushing to GIT or generating documentation, everything is possible. Just install the plugin in Sublime Text 3, configure some commands and you’re good to go. The easiest way to install […]

Read More... drag ‘n drop extension

For people who don’t know Earport, it is a service to listen to music together. Short: Members can create their own “music room” and create a playlist. All people joining (other members, friends, colleagues, …) will be hearing the same music at the same time. I use the service from time to time, but it takes […]